Voilà, here are some testimonials from Slings Myofascial Training graduates.

Quite dense with info, I'm sure not everything will stay, but I like that. I like the mixture of theory and practice, great ratio. New sensations and little ahas in my body (the devil lies in the detail); sense of wholeness, more awareness to some details; new experiencing of walking.

Katra Kodela (Ljubljana) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 01.07.2018)

It gave me a lot of new information to apply to me and my clients. I understand fascia a lot better.

Marsa Urbancic (Ljubljana) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 01.07.2018)

I'm in love with the structure of this course! Everything was clear, as simple as possible for the really complicated information of the Anatomy Trains. I really thank Karin for her professional skills. I've already used some exercises with props this morning with my client, fantastic!I will continue doing online classes for my own practice.

Juliana (Moscow) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 20.05.2018)

I think it's very interesting and useful although a bit complicated. It gives me a new concept in movement to free the body beside stretching and strengthening. I will apply the concept and movement in my Yoga class - it will surely have an effect on the students mobilitiy in a different way.

Ellen Yu (Hong Kong) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 21.04.2018)

Clear and structured course, it was a real eye opener. Highly recommended to anyone who deals with movement. Very knowledgeable lecturer, crystal clear, positive and energetic. Exceeded expectations, very informative and inspiring.

Conant Liu (Hong Kong) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 21.04.2018)

Great! Very accessible for beginners. Excellent intro to subject. Looking forward to learning more. Much more interesting and accessible and fun than I had expected. I managed to get a good grasp of the material in a short time. Felt like it wasn't long enough. Better awareness of posture and function of the body in daily activity. Able to spot imbalances and better understand clients needs.

Tessa Yung (Hong Kong) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 21.04.2018)

I deeply know the human anatomy through this course and can truly implement it in my classes. The lecturer was very nice and friendly. Also the information is very useful and informative.

Shirley Ting (Hong Kong) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 15.04.2018)

The course was really nicely structured and had the correct level of complexity for my needs. the teacher was thorough, professional, honest and humble towards the subject and respectful of the needs of the group.

Kristin Nilseng (Norway) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 13.04.2018)

I took the course as an introduction to the Anatomy Trains Concept. As a movement teacher I'm looking very much forward to integrate the new information in my lessons. Leaving with a good feeling - enough input to go deeper on my own.

Kirsten Enkelmann (Spain) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 08.04.2018)

Very useful content. Applicable to clients to create awareness of the body. Great info of how the body works inside.

Rubens Garcia (Spain) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 08.04.2018)

Muy interesante y con ganas de profundar más sobre el conocimiento de cómo funciona nuestro cuerpo. Para así poder trabajar con un buen entendimiento del mismo.

Victor Bueno (Spain) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 08.04.2018)

Bastante bueno. Me ha parecido und forma muy amena de estudiar y comprender el movimiento del cuerpo.

no name (Spain) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 08.04.2018)

This re-ignited my passion for everything related to fascia. It confirmed my understanding of the impact of fascia on health & wellbeing. Really loved every minute.

Samar Yunis (Dubai) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 01.04.2018)

Karin knows her "baby". She is extremly well informed about her course. Safe. Stable. Correct. Honest. Sincere. Professional. Encouraging. Intelligent. It shows also in how her manual is written. Most of all - she is really concerned and wants us to understand the topics.

Ewa Dematina (Denmark) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 18.03.2018)

Everything well prepared, knowledge based course with experienced teacher. It helped me to unterstand the importance of correct posture in daily movement or any kind of sports; it also taught me to look at anatomy from a different and new aspect.

Name unknown (Hong Kong) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 26.02.2018)

Molto interessante, stimolante per ulteriori approfondamenti. Il corso è riuscito a dare una forma ad intuizioni istintive del mio lavoro che mancava di conoscenze effettive.Maria Cristina è una bravissima comunicatrice che trasmette passione. Grazie !!!Very interesting and stimulating for getting deeper into the topic. I gained knowledge in things I have already done in my work intuitively. Very competent and passionate teaching of the lecturer Maria Cristina. Thank you !!!

no name (Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 30.09.2017)

Ottima insegnante, molto preparata e competente. Perfetta presentazione con „ power point“, parte pratica e teorica.Excellent teacher, very well prepared and competent. Perfect power point presentation assisting the practice as well as the theoretical lectures.

Elisabetta Carboni (Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 30.09.2017)

The course was more than I expected in terms of education and understanding. Everyone in the fitness industry would benefit from this course in my opinion. The understandig I now have of fascia encourages me to read more and look at applicable studies.

Caroline Kiriaze (Bahamas) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 22.07.2017)

Informative, useful, lots of AHA moments for me - ties my instincts to science. It will help me and my students with mysterious aches, pains and imbalances. I will use lots in Pilates - it now makes more sense.

Lila Dawson (Canada) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 25.06.2017)

Karin really brought to life for me the deep clarity of how fascia works and how movement impacts structure through fascia. It filled in many pieces that had previously seemed intuitive, but are now backed and solidified by concrete practices and information. I loved it!

Heather Low (Canada) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 25.06.2017)

I enjoyed the course. The anatomy side of things was particularly great, it really helped me understand the myofascial meridians in much more detail which is exactly what I was looking for. I will hugely be able to apply lots of what I learned for my own practice and with clients.

Mora Mcgovern (Denmark) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 21.06.2017)

Hugely informative in terms of Anatomy Trains and myofascial mechanics. It has taught me further lessons about my body and the imbalances and injuries. The movements learnt will definitely enhance my personal practice.

Isla Wilson (Denmark) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 21.06.2017)

Thoroughly enjoyable - so fascinating to learn and understand how the body moves as a whole! Really opened my mind as to how muscle and fascia works.

Sarah Gunn (Ireland) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 11.06.2017)

This course is an eye opener for all the theoretical information from Anatomy Trains - but translated into motion - you actually feel all the connections through the different myofascial meridians. This course has heightened my awareness of all the fascial lines and it will help in my work with clients.

Laura Michele Jakobsen (Norway) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 11.06.2017)

I was very impressed and pleasantly surprised at how interactive and enjoyable the course was. I came to be inspired and to start thinking of movement in a new way and this course 100% achieved that.

Gigi Eynan (Ireland) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 11.06.2017)

I have thoroughly enjoyed diving deep into the complexity of fascia and Anatomy Trains. The complexity of the course topic was made simpler by the great instructors who delivered it with functional application and by getting all lines moving. As a manual therapist, this information will extend my ability to assist clients in opening their posture by providing practical examples and movement prescription.

Vanessa (Australia) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 21.04.2017)

Great course! Even though I have a manual therapy background I have been looking for a movement specific Anatomy Trains course for years and just loved how it was applied to movement. I now have a clear understanding of the lines and how they influence movement patterns and how they work together in movement.

Debbie (Australia) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 21.04.2017)

I was looking for a course/knowledge that would bring me further in understanding the (function of) human body for some time now. I'm very happy and greatful that I found Slings & Karin. I can feel the excitement after the course all the way to my bones.

Ziva Olup (Spain) (Anatomy Trains in MotionSlings EssentialsSlings in Motion I, 12.03.2017)

Karin has great knowledge that she gives to others in such a generous manner. Her love of movement and the body is truly inspiring. Wonderful learning from her.

Leanne Hahn (Spain) (Anatomy Trains in MotionSlings EssentialsSlings in Motion I, 12.03.2017)

It was very inspiring and I want to learn more! I can use the contents personally as well as in my teaching.

Rose Joergensen (Denmark) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 24.02.2017)

Анатомические поезда" спустя 2,5 года теперь ...в движении, от Karin Gurtner.Прочитав книгу Томаса Майерса было ясно, что в одиночку не справиться. Миофасциальные меридианы тогда мне открывал Майкл Уотсон. Он рассказал как читать тело, как воздействовать на него маленькими движениями и руками в персональной работе с людьми. Но для инструктора групповых программ оставалось много вопросов.Вчера и сегодня на эти вопросы отвечала обаятельнейшая Карин. Ох, слышали бы и видели вы, как Карин с азартом ученого рассказывает о "любимых фасциях"! У неё в запасе много всякого метод.материала, как для первоклашек. Здорово когда тебе везёт с учителями!

Руслана Филатова (Ruslana Filatova) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 12.12.2016)

Давно ждала этого семинара Анатомические Поезда в движении. Главная составляющая курса- миофасциальные меридианы Томаса Маерса и их ценность и прикладное назначение для специалистов по движению . Карин Гуртнер создатель и старший преподаватель Art of Motion безумно заражает своей энергетикой и желанием поделиться своим опытом. Всем коллегам советую посетить этот замечательный курс.

Ирина Филатова (Irina Filatova) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 12.12.2016)

I think the course is very professional and inspiring, the movement teacher amazing - best lecturer I've ever had! Good balance of theory and practical exercises. I really feel that this approach could be the missing link for me when teaching movement or treating clients as a physical therapist - thank you!

Karin Lerche Jensen (Denmark) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 12.12.2016)

Very professional, in depth; good combination und theory and practise, very passionate, experienced and knowledgeable teacher - a very good course!

Sina Kaden (Holland) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 30.11.2016)

Best Anatomy Trains Course I have attended. Karin Gurtner is inspiring and exceptionally knowledgeable.

Elchrid Natuik (Norway) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 13.11.2016)

I'm going home with new ways of approaching familiar exercises, thank you. I really enjoyed Karin's way of cueing, the nice mix of theory and practise, my body feels really free. I love Karin's enthusiasm and knowledge, she inspires me to learn more.

Siu Siem (Norway) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 13.11.2016)

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the video clip you sent me went down really well with the students I taught last week. Its certainly a useful resource I'll use again. I even got them doing a few of the 'moves'.

Ola Adamczyk (Poland) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 17.04.2016)

Dear Karin Thank you for the most inspiring and super motivating weekend - you are so much present and so real when teaching - every muscle every facia in your body is present - so inspiring - I am very thankful. This morning my training was completely different - I was very present and much more aware of the muscles and facias working - like the limitations and restrictions had gone and I felt much more free and connected and the same time much more present. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Hope to see you soon. All the best Connie

Connie Gorming (Finland) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 10.04.2016)

Ho trovato molto interessante il corso con Karin, che è stata molto professionale, chiara nelle spiegazioni e bravissima nel cueing durante gli esercizi. Vorrei continuare ad approfondire con Karin questo percorso e spero che lei tornerà in Italia, per continuare con altri corsi di approfondimento.

(Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 03.04.2016)

Un corso meraviglioso, che aspettavo da tanto tempo. Karin è bravissima. Talmente brava che è riuscita ad essere chiara e approfondita nell'affrontare un argomento tanto complesso in soli tre giorni. Il corso potrebbe durare anche un giorno in più.

(Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 03.04.2016)

Mi piace che sia diretto a professionisti.

(Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 03.04.2016)

E' un corso utilissimo per iniziare a integrare le conoscenze di Anatomy Trains per i professionisti. Brava l'insegnante e di grande disponibilità. A mio centra pienamente gli obbiettivi che si prefigge. grazie

(Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 03.04.2016)

Assolutamente stimolante e ben strutturato.

(Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 03.04.2016)

I really enjoyed the course and Karin was great teacher!

(Italy) (Anatomy Trains in Motion, 03.04.2016)